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Hon. Shri. Vinod Gudadhe (Patil)

President (Late Yashodabai Gudadhe Education Society, Nagpur.)
Ex. Minister, Maharashtra State

In 1991, Late Yashodabai Gudadhe Education Society has been established with the prime objective of providing excellent educational opportunities to the youth in the society. Without quality education we cannot shape the upcoming generation. It aims at conducting the various branches of higher studies.

The higher level education is extensively challenging and crucial stage for shaping the future. Hence the youth must have the opportunity of choosing specialized courses relating career & job oriented courses is the urgent need of time. The higher level education must focus on knowledge, skills and entrepreneurship. After completing the period of higher studies student must be able to compete in the developing global environment. The priority must be given to vocational career oriented education so that student can view the new horizons or advancement.

Technological literacy is the need of modern age of advancement, to mould the student to face the future challenges in life. It is essential to provide the opportunity of the stream of job oriented courses.

Mr. Atul V. Gudadhe (Patil)

Secretary, Late Yashodabai Gudadhe Education Society, Nagpur.

The modern age is an era of Science and Technology. Every moment the technological inventions are being revealed to the world. The youth belonging to the twenty-first century must be acquainted with the novel trends in the realm of technology and be well equipped with technological literacy.

The technical skills must come out of the theory and be applied to the events of the everyday life With this view the courses conducted by our institution aim at, providing ample opportunities, motivating the youth to seek self-employment and inculcating the spirit of self-confidence. The right end can be achieved through right step at right time.